Bulk is no longer just an app it is a community


Hello World! My name is Tremaine Grant, and I am one of the founders of Bulk: The Weight Gain App. If you found us then you must be looking to get big! Or  you may have just stumbled on us by accident but we hope that by the time you leave you will be classified as a certified “Bulker”! You may know of us as the creators of an intelligent, fitness app focused on weight gain, but now we bring you the community around the app!


Who the hell are we?!

To give you all some background on myself. I am a graduate of The Florida State University, where I studied IT and Computer Science. I competed as a Track and Field Athlete and went on to compete for Canada at the World Junior Championship. That year I won a silver medal at the Canadian Junior and Senior Championship in the same year. The following year I would suffer a pretty bad injury that took me out the track game but would direct me to a new passion. Weight lifting.

After graduating I moved up to Michigan to work as a Software Engineer for General Motors. There I would meet one of my best friends, my road dog, and my business partner Caleb Diaz! Caleb is a hyper intelligent electrical engineer who ironically also graduated from Florida State. He’s one of those guys that you meet and can totally guess that he’s an engineer because he always try’s to figure out the most efficient way to do EVERYTHING. But unfortunately like myself, he suffered from skinny man syndrome, and had been suffering from it for years. This was mostly due to the fact that he never knew how to lift and because of this, kept himself out of the gym.


BULK is born

I remember hopping on the scale when we first got our membership at LA fitness and seeing a proud 169lb. Being 6’2 and 169lbs isn’t the sexiest in my opinion but to Caleb I was a bodybuilder in comparison. Caleb wasn’t even 140 soaking wet. With the same goal to get big in mind we worked out together everyday. We went through all the typical apps like MyFitnessPal, and 5X5, but all the apps lacked something. None of them had the complete package and this could be because none of them actually focused on weight gain.

This is when the concept of Bulk came into being. As we complained about all the other apps, it drove us closer to building something for ourselves. But what really made us do it was as we talked to our also skinny coworkers who had the same problems. We almost felt like it was our responsibility to create a solution, mostly because we told everyone that we could and when we did that it could be better than anything else on the market.


Get big with BULK

Two years later and we have an app, a community behind us, and a whole lot of gains. So where does the blog come in? Caleb and I decided to start this blog for two reason. 1 because there isn’t much out there for our community. There are fitness blog out here, and even bodybuilding blogs but what about specifically for the hard gainers? Or the casual lifter? Maybe we just want to know how to get big chest, or how to get big arm, or even how to get a big butt. But this is all just for our own personal goals rather than to compete in a physique competition.

Some of us just want to look and feel good in our own skin and bulking is how we want to achieve that. We are a group of our own and people that don’t have the issue don’t understand how challenging it can be to gain weight. Caleb and I wanted to create a community around this.

“A place where we can discuss solutions, tips, and interesting findings by us and our writers on how to gain weight.”

This is  a community where you can also share with your fellow Bulker’s and give them tips that you have found for yourself. We are absolutely open to guest writers and we will be having a few writers that will share their expertise on how to gain weight, efficiently!

The second reason we created this blog is to highlight an entrepreneurial space in fitness and technology. We are going to be extremely transparent about our process and what it has taken for us to get where we are with Bulk, as well as share our visions and goals of where we want Bulk to go in the future. So aside from fitness questions, if any of you readers have any questions about how to start your own business feel free to contact us and we will give you some insight.


The wrap up

That being said we hope that you will join our community and become a Bulker! If you are a hard gainer, you need tips to gaining healthy weight then this is the place for you! If you feel you are in need of a personal trainer and have not downloaded and registered for Bulk: The weight gain app yet then check out the links below for both Android and IOS!

You also may not be ready to embark on your fitness journey yet, but still want information. This is why we made this blog for and are more than happy to assist anyone that has any question. Now get to bulking Bulkers!

IOS Download Link: https://appsto.re/us/6Kb__.i

Android Download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.for6ix.bulk