Most people that struggle with bulking struggle because of their diet. They simply just aren’t eating enough. But when you actually get your eating right and you pair it with effective workout habits, it can take you to the next level. When it comes to working out, the best way to make the gains you desire is to switch up your workouts. Here’s why.

1. Shock the muscles.

You can think of your muscles as tiny little people inside your body. When you are put into a new environment that is foreign to you, you usually have to analyze the situation and adjust accordingly. Well this is the same process your muscles go through when they are given a new workout. In order for your muscle to grow, they have to be challenged, because our bodies adapt to new conditions remarkably quickly. By switching up your workouts your muscles get shocked by the change. Your muscles then have to adjust to adapt to the new environment and this adjustment results in growth.

2. Break plateaus.

When you don’t switch up your workouts your muscles get comfortable being the same size as they are. They are use to the environment, therefore, there is no need to make any changes. This is called a plateau. By switching your workouts your muscles will grow to accommodate the new workouts.

3. Cover more ground

Aside from the common muscles that everyone knows about such as the chest and biceps, your body is made up of smaller supporting muscles. By training those smaller muscles it allows your larger muscles to grow more efficiently because your body has the ability to support the new weight and growth of the larger muscles.

4. Prevent overtraining

There is definitely such a thing as working out too much. When you perform the same workouts you are producing the same movements which can cause strain on the areas being worked. By switching your workouts frequently it helps prevent injury because your body has a chance to rest and recover.

5. Create a balanced body

Have you ever seen someone that skips leg day but goes ham on their upper body? It usually results in chicken legs. Switching up your workouts is important to make sure you are hitting different areas of the body. By frequently changing them you will tend to work more areas of your body creating a proportionate and balanced physique.

6. Keep your workouts feeling fresh

The best way to stay motivated and consistent is to feel challenged and feel as though each day is going to be something new. It’s easy to get stuck in a routine and not want to deviate from it. Changing it up is the best way to feel motivated for the next workout day.


It’s always challenging to think up something new, but if you get it right the benefits you will find are unmatched. it is by far the best way to build muscle quickly.

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